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My husband and I just bought a bank owned property. We were sure one of the projects would be to replace the neglected sprinkler system since the yard looked dead. Arizona Sprinklers was able to fix everything the day of the appointment. They were on time and there prices were well within our budget.

Thx guys,
Missy P.

The old saying "if you want it done right do it you self" not always true. I saw that my sprinkler heads were trickling water when the system was off. I went to the store and bought all new heads. The new ones did the same thing. I went down to my local irrigation supply store and was told that my valves were causing the problem. They sold me the stuff that goes inside the valve and told me how to do it. I did exactly what they said. This time when I turned the system on I could not get it to shut off. I decided to call a professional. I called around until I found the cheapest company. The guy that showed up attempted to do the same fix I did and got the same results. He then tried to sell me a whole new system. The funny thing was I could barely understand his English. I was telling this story to a coworker and he told me to give Arizona Sprinklers a call. So I did. They were a little more than the first guy but were able to get every thing working. It seems to work beteer than the day it was installed. I guess you get what you pay for.

I will always recommend your company!
Thank you so much,

Gilbert, AZ

Thank you Arizona Sprinklers! It is hard to find professional people to work on your yard. I want everyone to know how great I think the people are who work for this company. First of all the phone gets answered by a person. They are nice and very accomodating. The service man that showed up came in a clean company truck. He was in uniform and was clean. Because he had the tools and all the products with him he was able to finish in about 50 minutes. I know that saved me money.

Very impressed,
Joanne S.

Dear Arizona Sprinklers Management,

I just want to thank you for the many services you have provided. I want you to know, I notice that you send out the same technician to my house without me asking. The technician told me there were over 12 people that hold this position. This tells me alot about your efforts to keep your customers happy.

Thank you,
Bob T.